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Category: Uncategorized

  • Witches like nice things too

    Witches like nice things too

    A glimpse into the making of witches, juicy tomatoes, grief, consumer existentialism, sea monsters, and the new Polish theatre.

  • My life is a bondage video

    My life is a bondage video

    This was a difficult story to write. I explore the creation of resentment, guilt, homoeroticism, fast fashion, therapies of abuse, and cosmopolitanism

  • Let me hold you a little, please

    Let me hold you a little, please

    Gonzo Hash, urinals, soviet-era pistols, and cuddles, new story ‘Let me hold you a little please’ is up!

  • Do fascists have better sex?

    Do fascists have better sex?

    I wrote about love, I’m sorry. This story is a meticulous dive into the links between luxury stationary, good grammar, and fascism. There’s also “She spoke about love in a way peole don’t do anymore.” This one is called ‘Do fascists have better sex?” and is part of the Bro Whisperer series.

  • The Enemy of my Enemy is Also my Enemy

    The Enemy of my Enemy is Also my Enemy

    This story has a character that gets fucked by a guy called Joe. It’s kind of dark, I’m sorry. Joe is really good at talking about his feelings and this is the second story in the “Bro Whisperer” series.

  • Autotuning Baby2Amal

    Autotuning Baby2Amal

    This short story has a character obsessed with singing that Drake song about being a lesbian, and another character deciding if he’s a sad, woke clown. There’s also a theory of desire.

  • God’s Last Male Poet

    God’s Last Male Poet

    God decides to revoke male citizenship when it comes to writing poems. This one’s a seriously problematic take on sexy Muslim kings and that special moment when hipsters and Muslim men groomed together.

  • Desi Chicken

    Desi Chicken

    A short story featuring a character fed up with Amelia’s Chicken Shop Date videos, grey chicken, and the inviolable politics of desi meat. There’s also an entirely imagined chicken shop, Taste of Twickenham, that’s robbed for its specials.

  • Dissociative Realism

    Dissociative Realism

    Written in 2021 and performed by the artist Abbas Zahedi at Studio Voltaire for “What is dead, what do we let die”, 30 March, 2022.